The Ponziani estate, surrounded by luxuriant woods and rolling hills, is a fascinating location in the green heart of a lush land. The views are amazing but their beauty lies even in what is not possible to see. It is a suggestion, it is a light breeze, it is a thought that takes you far away.
The visionary traveller, who prefers a refined holiday that awakens his senses and his desire for exploration, can start a journey from here towards a personal and deep knowledge of nature and art: just looking around from the top of a hill he will discover the most hidden mysteries of the whole territory.

Our guests, following outlined paths, will enjoy unusual views. Taking one of the walking routes, that goes through the gallery-shaped orchard filled with the scent of ripe fruits, they will get to the “garden of the five senses” full of fragrant medicinal herbs, and then they will stop under a centuries-old acacia, that, with ancient wisdom, will tell about the history of a land full of reminiscences of a remote past, that has yet to be unveiled.

The farm covers 212 acres of hilly land. The mild climate is the best possible for a variety of cultivations, such as olive and grapes growing and orchards, while the volcanic minerals of the soil give a characteristic savour and colour to the fruit of the earth. Especially the oil enhances the flavour of any dish, adding a surprising peculiarity to each taste. The Etruscans were wine-makers and merchants and on this fertile land they practised the art of divination by means of the stars and weather phenomena to discover and discern hidden elements of reality. This kind of knowledge is the basis of their culture and their competence in vineyard keeping and wine-making. The guiding line of the Ponziani Winery project is the “philosophy” of the ancient techniques of cultivation. The preparation of the terrain and all the steps of the wine-making process respect the typical characteristic of the cultivation and the stage of growth and ripeness. The result is a high-quality wine of two grape varieties and a limited production of bottles with two labels: Velia Umbria (Protected Geographical Indication- Grechetto and Chardonnay) with a full and attractive aroma, is made from a white grape variety, and Fasti Umbria (PGI-Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon) with a well balanced and full body, is made from a red grape variety. The hill altitude has a positive effect on the quality of these wines improving their properties and ageing.


The energy of the wood

Hugging a tree gives us a new emotional connection with life, improving our awareness and perception. Truffle or mushroom hunting is a pleasant and relaxing activity, alone or in good company, surrounded by a preserved nature.


Horse riding

After riding the bridle paths, on the plain or on the hillsides, our four-legged friends can be fed in the stable, a building with five stalls, planned to ensure their wellness and health.

Rays of wellness

The garden of the five senses has a sunburst scheme: plants and flowers are divided into several areas according to their therapeutic qualities. Each part, extending in form of a ray, is dedicated to the cure for any disease of the human body systems.